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About Cali

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There are cities in the world that have been discovered, places with longtime secrets today revealed and mysteries already solved, that invite us to verify what is now known. There are other cities that, on the contrary, attract us because surprises await us; they move us with unexpected delights, and give us the unforeseen sensation of things new. This is Cali, a metropolis spread on a fertile valley, protected by the Colombian western mountain range, a city that invites us to enjoying the gift of sensations that our senses present us.  The smell of fruit sold by street vendors on the corners distracts Cali's inhabitants from the hurries So typical of our modern age and brings to mind forgotten memories: chontaduro, lulo, baby mango are names with an aroma of delicious, fresh juice.  The flavors combined in this territory's recipes speak to us of native Indian traditions, of black cuisine, of Spanish gastronomic delights, and of the sweets oozed out of its large sugar cane plantations. The vibrant sounds of salsa dance music make us dizzy with their voluptuousness and cadence and with their rhythms that recall the drums and melodies of the Caribbean.

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Cali is an open city; its warm weather that invites us to walk around without a coat. Cali is a kind city; its hot latin women are always willing to talk about what is happening and about the future that they want for their city. Here, the expectations of colombian wives who have made this city a place for new opportunities coexist with the remembrances of those who have experienced its vertiginous transformation. Cali is a vital city; its progress, evidenced by the soundness of its industries, its modern buildings, its broad avenues, and the commodities of urban life, does not hide the magnificent past and the peaceful life that the architecture of its churches and historic buildings recall, or the simple
yet harmonious construction of the dwellings in its more traditional neighborhoods.Cali was founded by Sebastian de Belalcázar in 1536 after he had traveled throughout Peru alongside Francisco Pizarro and after he had founded other cities, such as Guayaquil and Quito in Ecuador. It today boasts the number one concentration of industry and commerce in western Colombia. It has a population of two million with different hot spanish girls ethnical backgrounds, who give it an atmosphere of economic and cultural vitality. Until the end of. the last century this city was a town marked by the austerity of its traditions. Today, it is a vibrant metropolis that houses some of the most dynamic companies in the country. This city now seeks to show the country and the world the spirit of enterprise that has made it one of the axes of national economy. It spares no effort to rid itself of a painful stigma a situation that contrasts with its short sexy latinas happy, honest behavior.

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